Pre-press preparation


Complete pre-press works are executed in a modern studio on a first-rate device Apple Macintosh. We pay attention to professional technical processing with application of all modern technologies (quality scanners, digital photo, and digital print), accommodating approach to the customer and also high flexibility of work. The print outputs, the so-called lithography, are realized on an exposure unit DOLEV 4 PRESS (CTF technology).




CTP unit is LOTEM 400 with a proved technology of CREO company. The thermal technology permits to expose both 1% and 99% raster on the board.

The assembly carried out by special software according to the desired print technology and cutting out of pages is also taken for granted.

We put the coloured control preview of processed order at ones disposal prior to the board exposure on CTP.

Printing machines:

MAN Roland 304

Four-coloured offset machine MAN Roland 304 of German producer is characterized mainly by high quality printing of chocolate-box materials and together with the control panel that is among others equipped with densitometer with the regulation and control of colours it ensures high quality of all prints. The rich equipment of the machine, qualified stuff, air-conditioned and tempered shop floor is a sufficient guarantee during the production of your prints.
Machine equipment: infrared drying SEKOMATIC, colour control CCI with automatic densitometer GRAPHOMETRONIC, semiautomatic board filling CPL, automatic washing of inking arrangements, offset blankets and impression cylinders by means of programmable brush washer, control and managing system PECOM for data processing CIP 3, ionization device, fully automatic pressure and dusting adjustment.
Maximal paper size: 530 × 740 mm
Maximal print format: 510 × 735 mm
Minimal paper size: 260 × 400 mm
Minimal print format: 240 × 355 mm
Printed material thickness: 0.04 – 0.6 mm
Maximal machine speed: 16 000 quires per hour


MAN Roland 202


Two-coloured offset machine MAN Roland 202 with remote ink fountain control.
Maximal paper size 520 × 740 mm
Maximal print format: 510 × 735 mm
Minimal paper size: 250 × 350 mm
Minimal print format: 240 × 350 mm
Printed material thickness: 0.04 – 0.8 mm
Maximal machine speed: 13 000 quires per hour

Bookbinding machines for print processing:

Paper cutter Seypa 132TV

Computer-controlled cutter SEYPA 132 TV includes a jogger automat SHV 50.
The combination of jogger and computer control ensures maximal accuracy of individual cuts and also during periodically repeated orders thanks to the memory of control computer.
Maximal size of cut material: 1330 × 1320 mm.




The line serves for making the bindings V1 with two standard fasteners or two fasteners for putting in the file.
Parameters: the sheets are gathered, stitched, folded, pressed and trimmed. It is also possible to gather individual sheets or folders with maximal format of 350 × 500 mm.
Maximal binding size: 240 × 350 mm
Minimal binding size: 70 × 70 mm.

Folder GUK K52/4KTL


The electronically controlled folder machine Guk can both fold and perforce prints. The device disposes of 4 parallel pockets and two knives.
Maximal sheet size: 520 × 740 mm
Minimal sheet size: 210 × 148 mm
Maximal paper stock weight: 300 g/m2 (not for folding)
Minimal paper stock weight: 50 g/m2.


Splicer V2 Bourg

Real capacity: 300 books/hour
Minimal format: 100 × 100 mm
Maximal format: 380 × 320 mm
Maxima book back thickness: 60 mm
The possibility of lapels on the dust jacket – front and back.

Extrusion automat BUSCH


Extrusion automat Busch ensures label production of different shape and print production.
It is characteristic of high speed during extrusion.
Maximal label (print) size: 220 × 260 mm
Minimal label (print) size: 10 × 10 mm
You can find the archive of extrusion knives here.


Lamination system DELTA Junior


Lamination device serves for one- and double-sided lamination. The lamination is thermal and it can be done with glossy or matted laminating sheet.
Maximal paper size: 520 × 700 mm
Minimal paper size: 200 × 200 mm
Maximal paper stock weight: 350 g/m2
Minimal paper stock weight: 135 g/m2
Matted lamination sheet thickness: 30 microns
Glossy lamination sheet thickness: 24 microns

Platen press STRATI


Platen press serves for cutting, creasing and perforating the prints.
Maximal cut size: 490 × 680 mm
Maximal paper stock weight: 500 g/m2
Minimal paper stock weight: 90 g/m2
You can find the archive of cutting knives here.


Packer MINIPAK FM 76


On the packing device we can shrink-wrap hot orders piece by piece (smaller series) or in different quantities.
Maximal packing format: 500 × 380 × 250 mm
Packing sheet thickness: 18 to 25 micronos

Paper store


Tempered paper store with stable humidity and temperature.




Ford Tranzit – we take the transport of the order to your address for granted.