Range of products

  • catalogues, folding cartons, booklets, calendars, magazines and books (from A5 to B4 formats)
  • flyers, posters, forms, documents, notepapers, maps (A2 format), picture postcards A6, panoramic picture postcards and folding picture-books, mailings
  • labels, stickers, visiting cards, tags, small boxes, bonded blocks, covers
  • chiselled envelopes with single and double back
  • large-area posters and billboards

Range of service

  • art design, classic photography, digital photography and print, scanning, DTP, pre-press preparation, CTF, CTP
  • offset sheet-fed print and large-area digital print
  • cutting, label extrusion, dinking, gathering, folding, bending, perforation and cutting
  • dispersive varnish, U-V varnish, matted and glossy laminate, blind-blocking, numeration and binding V1, V2 to V8